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The Atilla's Yurts



Answers to all questions from base to crown






We produce yurts in four different sizes: four, six, eight or ten meters diagonally.



A yurt doesn’t need ground work. We prepare an insulated base, which the owner can later cover with carpet or strip flooring, whichever they prefer. 


The price of the yurt includes the wooden entrance door. The „heart” of the yurt is the crown, where by request we can insert an openable domed window. 


A yurt can be heated with any method you would use for a traditional house: wood, electric, heating panel, air conditioning, even central heating.


Your chosen type of yurt will include the cost of insulation. To see variety and to order please click here.


Our yurts can be ordered with two different covers: (1) Airtex tarp, the material is the result of technological innovations. For yurts used for fairs and occasions we have water resistant (2) canvas tarp, however this is not water proof, can’t withstand heavy rain. We recommend the Airtex tarp for these yurts too, as it looks natural and is easy to handle.

Producing time

Yurts are only made to order, on a first come first served basis. As building depends on weather and season, it’s worth contacting us in case of interest 3-6 months early. Installation takes around 2-4 days.



When it comes to moving, every Atilla-yurt can be dismantled and rebuilt in a new location within a few days. We teach our customers how to dismantle and assemble the yurt, how to maintain it. We share all our experiences from over two decades to enable you to enjoy our ancestors dwelling indefinitely.


The wooden parts of the yurt have a practically indefinite lifespan, as they are not exposed to weather. The Sauleda tarp covering the exterior can last up to 25-30 years. Our oldest yurt built this way is 25 years old and hasn’t had any problems yet.

The importance of colours in Atilla's yurts


A yurt is the universe itself. It’s perfect round shape represents the created world. The circular frame is always left in the natural colour of wood, as that represents the Earth. In the lattice frame you can find the runic symbols of “f” for “Földanya” (Mother Earth) and “k” for “kör” (round) repeating. The bottom half of the roof poles is always yellow, as the Sun’s rays touch the Earth. The top half is always blue, the colour of the Sky. The circular crown is the bright Sun itself, always red. The poles upholding the crown are connecting the Sky and the Earth. The lower half is always red, this is life, the colour of blood, the fire burning in our soul, the divine spark we carry within. The top half is blue as it is reaching the Sky.

(words by Fehérnép)
„Here’s the secret: Below is the Earth, above is the Sky. You are the ladder” (Weöres Sándor)



Do I need building permission for a yurt?

Normally you don’t but we always recommend to check with local authorities as there may be different regulations. We advise to contact local authorities beforehand.

Can I prepare the base of the yurt myself?

Yes you can, but in our experience it’s rarely worth it. In many cases the base is not the right quality or size, doesn’t have proper insulation, too much time and effort is spent on it and sometimes it’s not even finished on time. The bases for Atilla’s yurts are guaranteed to be stable, properly insulated and they take 1-3 days (depending on the diameter) to be installed.

Is the bottom of the yurt not going to be damp?

No, as it doesn’t contact any wetness. The base is raised at least 30 cm from the ground so the wind can blow under it, keeping the ground dry.

Can the yurt withstand strong winds?

One of the advantages of the shape of the yurt is that the wind can’t get a grip on it. It will blow around it, surround it, but won’t damage it.

Are my valuables safe in the yurt?

As safe as in any other building. We can equip the entrance door with safety locks by request.

What do I need to get my yurt in its place?

If you already have the place, it needs to be cleared of trees, bushes and bigger sized rocks, not only under the yurt but also the surrounding area, about 2 meters wide. Usually no ground works are needed. What’s very important though is for us to get information about the structure of the ground before placing the order: we can’t install the base of the yurt on rocky terrain or loose bank.

If we transport the yurt, we usually arrive in a bigger sized van. The customer needs to ensure there is a safe route to the installation site, or to a place not further than 5 meters from it. So you need to have a road suitable to drive a large vehicle on, or at least have a temporary solution for this. Please keep this in mind when you order!

The necessity of maintaining your yurt....

We would like to point out that the yurt is a mobile home, works similar to a tent. It needs continuous care. The yurt is a likeness of the created world that needs to be invigorated. We aren’t building contractors, the yurt is not a house made of rocks but a handmade product; it doesn’t stay in place where it’s installed for a hundred years unchanged if it’s not looked after. It’s the duty of a responsible owner to learn how to take care of it at installation, we are happy to share all information and knowledge with our customers. Those who can’t look after their yurt are not ready for the world of yurts. Those who can do it, who grow up to the task will have the whole universe in their yurt…

Is there warranty for the yurt?

Of course every Atilla’s yurt comes with warranty, as long as the problem is our fault. But it’s important to point out that this does not cover damages caused by irregular usage, negligence or natural disasters.



I was eagerly waiting for the yurt to be ready and to be able to get the fire up in the masonry heater. I’m my opinion Atilla is great in mixing traditional and modern materials! I might have driven him mad with all my questions, but the result speaks for itself, the windows are in the right place, just like the masonry heater! Thank you Atilla!

Judit Pászti
Csaliti Guest House, Camping and Yurt Accomodation


We are very grateful to Atilla the master yurt maker, for giving everything he had and using his enormous experience to create the main temple for the near-natural sound therapy. The 50 square meter and 8m diagonal Soundyurt has become an all year round destination of pilgrimage for those seeking sound therapy and tranquillity in the last 4 years. For ease of ventilation and letting sunshine in the yurt has 2 modern windows as well. We recommend Atilla’s yurts from the bottom of our hearts!

With friendly regards:

Bálint Bársony musician, sound therapist
Budai Jurtaközpont

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