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Legend - live in Hungarian!


Naturally it started with keeping traditions, in the 90s of the last century (millennium even). Searching our roots, I was trying to follow the path of our ancestors not just in thoughts but in my way of life too.


Our story

Same as with the arrows,

the first time I made a yurt was for myself, in 1996. I started with simple hand tools but also with great love, devotion and humbleness. (I never studied to be a carpenter; I finished my studies as a locksmith in 1978.) The method of building yurts was not known in the Pannonian Basin, as our ancestors’ knowledge had been forgotten for centuries, so I spent my free time learning by myself all the secrets of making one. I still have that first yurt, it’s been standing for 25 years and I have only refurbished it once.



Continuation & growing

Being a patriarch who’s keeping traditions I had lots of visitors who saw the finished yurt, and asked if I would make one for them too, so the next few were made for friends. And then there was no stopping as news were spreading…. I am confident to say that I was the first one to make yurts for sale in this country. The wheel of time kept turning… demands and requests were changing.

2012: living yurt

In 2012 I had a big innovation: the yurt as a home was born. Even the name „lakójurta” (living yurt) is my own idea. These yurts have been made for longer time spent indoors, are more suitable to modern life’s demands still mixing in our ancestors’ knowledge. The frame is fortified, double the thickness, robust and sturdy.

2014: a window to the world

In 2014 I started a brave and to that point in this country unknown innovation: I was making yurts with built in insulated windows. It’s success shows in the fact that other yurt builders have been following the example.

2015: insulated base

In 2015 we had definite success with our innovation of making the base from wood treated against fungus and mould and installing it on ground screws. No ground works needed as from this year our yurts can be ordered together with this base. It’s fame and justification shows in that the new generations of yurt builders are following us in this too, it’s definitely a success for me.


2018: dome

The innovation of 2018 was the see-through polycarbonate dome that can be opened, seen by our customers oversees. They kept asking until we worked out how to make it, how to build it in our yurts. As the yurt itself is like a symphony, an image of the created world.

All over the world

Yurts built by me can be found in a lot of places. The most common sizes are 6 and 8 meters, but I also build by request if I feel it can be done safely. Yurts built by me are practical, with fortified frame and stronger, sturdier parts than the so called „festival” yurts. They can be assembled easily and quickly, and last but not least they are comfortable. To make it suitable for winter is my own idea: flax coloured covers inside, thick, sometimes double sized thermal insulation, an extra layer under the water proof canvas. Our yurts can have water and electricity laid on. 

And what will the future bring?

I hope even more grandchildren for who I can pass on my knowledge and experience. I’m still trying to progress, not wandering off the path of our ancestors but using our modern time’s innovations in making my yurts better.

Above ground, under sky:
Atilla’s yurts

Let us all live, love and work in peace, in Hungarian.
Let us respect each other!


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